Monthly Newsletter Blog - 17.05.23

Monthly Newsletter Blog - 17.05.23

Hey Everyone! (or should we say Rivals!)

We can’t believe how time flies and Rivals Corner has already been live for over a month! In this blog post (or newsletter) we’ll give you little rundown of what’s been happening on our side and running our little store.

By the way before we begin, has anyone been keeping up or watching The Witch From Mercury? I’m thoroughly enjoying the series and season 1 finale… what in the name of Aerial happened there?! What a great show and each new mecha design they introduce feels so unique and fresh, which means incredible kits for us as gunpla builders!

 Gundam Aerial from the Witch From Mercury Season 1



Business Updates

Okay okay, so(!), What happened in the last month? Well the biggest news is that we now have a new supplier! They don’t stock any model kits from Bandai BUT(!) they do have pretty much every other mecha model kit series which means we’ll be able to stock a much larger variety of kits in our store like GoodSmile, Kotobukiya and basically anything else. In fact we’ve just received a shipment from them recently so why not check those out? You can find some of my favourites linked further below.

We are also consistently working and adding new features to the website so that our your experience is easier to shop and browse. With that, pre-orders are now also live! So you’ll be able to secure your kits much faster before they arrive 🙂

Okay now for the not so great news...

We tried to secure a few more suppliers however our registrations got declined. Sadly money speaks louder than anything else in business and since Rivals Corner is such a small store, we weren’t able to meet the minimum yearly spend with these suppliers. We are purely self funded at the moment and only have so much amount of funds that we can spend when ordering in bulk so we do what we can. It’s just the nature of business unfortunately.

There is also a pretty long wait list with our core supplier for Gundams too, we're not sure if our order quanities are too low or the demand is just high but we're not receiveing the kits we want in time so progress is slow unfortunately at the moment.

Fear not however as we’ll be working very hard to be in a stronger position in the next year or 2 to hit those goals. Our aim in year 1 is to diversify our products and then build quantities afterwards. The simple matter of fact is that we need customers buy our stuff then we can place bigger orders and have a larger variety of stock available for us as a community to enjoy!

The bottom line is, please buy our stuff!


What's new in stock?

Now back to the good news! We were able to secure a small batch of the the super awesome Master Grade SD Freedom Gundam (I secretly held one for myself too hehe) and is in stock. This thing looks like it packs a hefty punch in such a cute and tiny package. I love SD kits (which we also have plenty of hehe) so this one I’m super excited to start working on!

MGSD Freedom Gundam Product Image


We also received some kits from Kotobukia. I will admit that I’ve no idea what these kits are or which series they come from however one thing I do know is that they look absolutely awesome! Some of our favourites below:

JGSDF_Plastic Model Kit 135 Type 07-III Tank Nacchin (Gray Ver.) Product Image




Finally if you’re looking for something a little different and non Gundam related, then why not check out Blodia from Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness or TwinBee and WinBee from the TwinBee series! These kits look so great and we are always fans of unusual designs or non-Gundam kits.

Blodia from the video game Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness    


Twinbee and Winbee from Rainbow Bell Adventures model kits by PLUM PMOA  Twinbee and Winbee from Rainbow Bell Adventures in game screenshot



Right! So you made it this far, so what’s next for Rivals Corner I hear you say? Well we’re hoping to get some more Gunpla kits including some HG P-BANDAI kits (you heard that right) and for G-Witch, our supplier is telling us a June shipping date now so fingers crossed in the next month we’ll have those in stock. We’re also SUPER excited (and fingers crossed for this) but the incredible MGEX Freedom Gundam will also be with us in July.

We are also looking at stocking some hobby paints and supplies for our store but we’ll keep you updated on how things go with that.

A month of ups and downs for sure but we’re here to stay and will work our hardest to become a one stop shop for all your hobby kit needs.

Until next time, keep building Rivals!


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