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MARUTTOYS 1/12 Tamotu Pro (Cool White Ver.)

MARUTTOYS 1/12 Tamotu Pro (Cool White Ver.)

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A new edition of the stylish and cute robot TAMOTU arrives as TAMOTU PRO, equipped with expansion units!

MARUTTOYS is a world of original robot characters created by up-and-coming model designer MiZ (Kouki Mizuno). TAMOTU is a collaboration between Kotobukiya and MARUTTOYS in which the latest model to join this plastic model kit lineup is the enhanced TAMOTU PRO in two different colors!


  • TAMOTU PRO was developed based on the concept of improving the performance of the TAMOTU model.
  • The motor, sensor, and power supply of TAMOTU have been improved, and optional parts have been added as upgrades to make this model even more versatile.
  • TAMOTU was designed for on-road use, but the added leg units are designed to also be for off-road use and can handle a variety of terrains.
    The Dual Arm Unit is more powerful than the regular arm due to the built-in high-performance motor.
  • The color scheme of this model is of a gorgeous metallic frame and subdued body color, befitting the PRO title in this chic TAMOTU.
  • Optional parts included in this model kit can also be installed onto the regular TAMOTU model.

[Model Specifications]:

  • This model is a full action model kit with 40 points of articulation.
  • The main unit and expansion units are built with complete inner frames to which all outer parts can be removed.
  • This model can transform from "Normal Mode" to "Off-Road Mode" when running on rough terrain, as well as "Work Mode" when it's walking/working.
  • 15 points for 3mm connection joints are set throughout the model.
  • The color scheme of this model kit is cool white, gun metallic, clear red, and clear. This model can be assembled into a product close to the character model 
  • The points for 3mm connection joints on the lower half of the model are compatible with the separately sold New Flying Base.

[How to Enjoy]:

  • TAMOTU PRO can be freely customized with parts from existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, and Hexa Gear by using the optional 3mm connection joints with the points.
  • Despite the differences in scale, this model can be placed together and enjoyed with other models such as NON scale Frame Arms Girl and 1/24 scale Hexa Gear.

[Included Items]:

  • TAMOTU PRO Main Unit (Includes the Dual Arm Unit and Leg Units)
  • Optional Arm
  • 3mm Connection Joints x 4
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Product Details

Product Details

Scale: 1/12

Type: N/A


Manufacturer: KOTOBUKIYA

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