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Mr Hobby

Mr Colour Leveling Thinner 400 T108

Mr Colour Leveling Thinner 400 T108

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Mr Hobby, Mr Color Leveling Thinner 400 T-108

Mr Colour Leveling Thinner is an all-round outstanding thinner, for use with lacquer based paints that contains a drying retarder. This makes the thinned paint slower drying meaning it has more time to spread and level to a smooth finish. This helps you create a much smoother surface and a higher gloss finish. It’s s perfect for use when airbrushing or brush painting with all lacquer or alcohol-based paints such as Mr Hobby or Tamiya. All lacquer primers, clear coats and 2K products.

We don’t recommend you use levelling thinner with metallic paints. As the decreased drying time will allow the metal particles to sink to the bottom creating a duller finish. Mr Rapid Tinner T117 is recommended for metallic paints.

*400ml Bottle

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    Product Details

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