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MGSD Wing Gundam Zero EW

MGSD Wing Gundam Zero EW

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Bandai adds the Wing Gundam Zero from "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz" to their high-end SD brand, "MGSD"!

The main wings of the Wing Binder, which combines mobility and beauty, can be deployed to reveal the silver parts inside and the clear parts with reflection-cut processing. When the upper wings of the secondary wings are pulled up, the lower wings also deploy in tandem.

Make full use of the mobility of the Wing Binder to recreate the Wing Gundam Zero's atmospheric entry pose! This kit also features the first-ever variable mechanism in the MGSD series -- you can recreate two Neo Bird forms: the Outer Atmospheric Mode with the main wings folded, and the Atmospheric Mode with the main wings deployed. Each armor part is equipped with a deployment gimmick.

In addition to deploying the unit on the side of the head, when the upper part of the shoulder armor is raised, the lower armor deploys in tandem to display the silver parts inside. The base of the front skirt deploys forward, so the range of motion of the skirt and legs is not hindered.

In addition to the combination gimmick, the Twin Buster Rifle is equipped with a barrel-extension gimmick, and a joint deployment gimmick that connects to the arm to increase holding power.

The unique frame structure of the MGSD series reproduces the internal frame in SD size, and the internal frame is the core of smooth movement expression.

Camera details are expressed in a double structure; by layering the internal parts with details and clear parts, a realistic multi-layered structure is created.

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  • Twin buster rifle
  • Shield
  • Effect parts (x2)
  • Marking stickers
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Product Details

Product Details

Scale: N/A

Type: Master Grade SD

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

Manufacturer: BANDAI

SKU: 4573102674326


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