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Kumamaru Raccoon 2P Color (Clear Red) (Plastic model)

Kumamaru Raccoon 2P Color (Clear Red) (Plastic model)

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Kumamaru Raccoon 2P color (clear red)

Introducing an original plastic model series with animal motif racing machines.

While it has a cute and deformed form, it also has some highlights as a mechanical model, such as the internal frame being reproduced.

Although it is compact in size with a total height of 50mm, some of the joints are movable and you can pose it in various poses.

Each part is composed of multiple molded colors and is a snap-fit ​​type that does not require adhesive, making it easy to assemble. By using the included decals, you can create a nice-looking finish without having to paint.

  • Plastic model kit made of PS, ABS, and PE
  • Some joints are movable
  • NON scale (total height approx. 50mm)
  • Snap-fit ​​type that does not require adhesive
  • Accessories: Decals
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Product Details

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