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HG Scopedog (Votoms)

HG Scopedog (Votoms)

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The TV anime "Armored Trooper Votoms" is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and Bandai brings us the long-awaited High Grade (HG) model kit of the iconic war machine from the show, the Scopedog, equipped with a wide range of movable gimmicks! The "Roller Dash" can be reproduced with the range of motion of the main body and the leg joints; the legs are flexible enough to reproduce the Scopedog's characteristic boarding posture. This kit has been thoughtfully engineered with a reduced number of parts for ease of assembly and a solid appearance. The turret lens can slide left and right, and rotate too; the movable head and lens are very expressive. A 3D metallic seal is included for the lens's color. The soles of the Scopedog's feet are highly detailed, and the Arm Punch can be reproduced using the extension gimmick inside the forearm. A heavy machine gun and various hand parts are included too. Order yours today!


  • Heavy machine gun
  • 3D metallic seal
  • Joint parts
  • Hands
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      Product Details

      Product Details

      Scale: 1/100

      Type: High Grade

      Series: Votoms

      Manufacturer: BANDAI

      SKU: 4573102657008


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