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HG 1/144 Gundam EX RFV (Requiem for Vengeance)

HG 1/144 Gundam EX RFV (Requiem for Vengeance)

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HG 1/144 Gundam EX RFV (Requiem for Vengeance)

Bandai Spirits' announcement of the HG 1/144 Gundam EX, a new addition to their GunPla lineup, not only serves as a precursor to the release of the Netflix original net animation (ONA) series "Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance," but also represents Bandai Spirits' commitment to delivering high-quality, intricately designed model kits that resonate with both new and longtime fans of the Gundam franchise.

The HG /144 Gundam EX kit is expected to be a standout in the GunPla collection, with Bandai Spirits revealing the outstanding level of detail and color separation found in the CG prototype. These early visuals hint at a kit that not only captures the essence and appearance of its on-screen equivalent in "Requiem for Vengeance" but also pushes the boundaries of what modelers may expect in terms of quality and design.

While precise specifics about the Gundam EX kit are yet unknown, the teaser hints that fans may expect a model that combines conventional Gundam design aspects with new, inventive features inspired by the series' use of Unreal Engine 5 for animation. This technology promises to add a degree of realism and detail to the series—and, by consequence, the GunPla kits—that has not previously been seen in the Gundam universe.

"Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance" is expected to be a groundbreaking moment in the Gundam series. Set in the Universal Century chronology, it delves into the intricate story of the One Year War, concentrating on Iria Sorari, a Zeon pilot battling to defend the European front. The use of Unreal Engine 5 in animation sets a new bar for visual narrative in the franchise, offering a visually spectacular experience that will definitely affect the design and attractiveness of accompanying model kits like the Gundam EX.

As the release date for both "Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance" and the HG 1/144 Gundam EX kit approaches, fans are encouraged to keep a close watch on Bandai Spirits' official website and associated platforms for updates. The specific details on the Gundam EX kit, including its distinctive features, assembly instructions, and how it ties into the series' overall plot, will be eagerly anticipated.

Release Date: 2024 AUTUMN

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Product Details

Product Details

Scale: 1/144

Type: High Grade

Series: Gundam Requiem for Vengeance

Manufacturer: BANDAI

SKU: 4573102667014


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