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Gunprimer Sand-Loop Flex [400 Grit] SL-F400

Gunprimer Sand-Loop Flex [400 Grit] SL-F400

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Sand Loop Flex - 400 Grit x 3

FLEX is a modeler’s sanding tool based on the real user experiences by GUNPRIMER’s development team and the global partners. Now it’s time to experience the amazing semi-permanent sanding performance.

Using the Advanced Duraflex Technology, SAND-LOOP FLEX offers a semi-permanent use. The ultra-strong adhesive in the backing holds the abrasive grains strong and tight therefore they don’t come off easily and offer a longer lifespan than any other typical modeling sanding sponges in the market.

Duraflex Technology

GUNPRIMER’s distinctive semi-permanent technology. The new standard of sanding tools. The high-density sponge is laminated with urethane film providing a soft grip and firm sanding surface. Ultra high-heat adhesion holds the abrasive grains deeply rooted inside the backing therefore abrasive grains stay in place longer which increases their lifespan for semi-permanent use. Plastic residues come off easily due to roomy space between the abrasive grains.

  • Application of Duraflex Technology for semi-permanent use
  • 5 to 10 times more durable compared to other typical products
  • Ultra density sponge offers superior sanding experience
  • Thick and compact size provides comfortable grip
  • 100% wet-sanding friendly and can be cleaned with water for reuse


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Product Details

Product Details


Type: Tool


Manufacturer: GUNPRIMER

SKU: SL-F400


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