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1/144 RG Zeta Gundam

1/144 RG Zeta Gundam

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Bandai marks the 10th release in their Real Grade line with the mighty Zeta Gundam.  In the anime, and in MG and PG kit forms, the Zeta transforms into its Wave Rider form and the big question being asked when Bandai announced an RG Zeta was if it would a transforming kit.  And it is! Bandai's RG MS Advanced Joint frame took 1/144 scale kits to a whole new level and the Zeta raises the bar again thanks to the amazing transformation engineering.

Like previous RGs the Zeta features various armor color tones as well as an abundance of marking stickers but this guy can transform!

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    Product Details

    Product Details

    Scale: 1/144

    Type: Real Grade

    Series: Zeta Gundam

    Manufacturer: BANDAI

    SKU: 4573102615992


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