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1/144 HG Lightning Buster Gundam

1/144 HG Lightning Buster Gundam

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In "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM", the "Lightning Buster Gundam" driven by Dearka Elsman is made into a three-dimensional HG!
  • Equipped with the internal structure ``SEED Action System'' that specializes in reproducing impressive action poses from the ``Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series''.
  • The connecting shafts of the hip joints of both legs are separate on the left and right and can slide up and down, allowing you to create bold poses. Compatible with action poses.
  • The beam cannon on the waist can be recreated in its deployed state with replacement parts for the barrel.
  • Large cannon can be unfolded from the folded state. The arm parts are movable so that it can be held at the shoulder and waist positions.
  • The stored missile warhead is exposed by opening and closing the hatch on the back of the aircraft.
  • Detailed color coding of the whole body is reproduced by dividing the parts.

  • Gun barrel parts x 2
  • Seal x 1
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      Product Details

      Product Details

      Scale: 1/144

      Type: High Grade

      Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom

      Manufacturer: BANDAI


      ETA: AUTUMN 2024

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      Standard 2 to 4 business days upon dispatch