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1/144 HG Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A

1/144 HG Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A

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The Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A, the mobile suit piloted by Orphee and Ingrid that appeared at the end of "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom," is now a member of Bandai's "HG (High Grade)" model-kit series! It's equipped with the "Seed Action System" internal structure specialized for recreating the impressive action poses seen in the anime. The backpack can be deployed by using special parts, and the Wings of Light can be reproduced by attaching a PET sheet with a pattern printed on it. The golden engraving on the armor is made of real metallic gloss injection, a material that enhances the metallic luster. Think how amazing this mech would look on display in your collection -- order yours today!


  • Beam rifle
  • Anti-ship sword (x2)
  • PET sheet for Wings of Light effect (x1 set)
  • Backpack deployment parts (x1 set)
  • Beam parts for Dragoon (x16)
  • Stickers
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Product Details

Product Details

Scale: 1/144

Type: High Grade

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom

Manufacturer: BANDAI

SKU: 4573102674142


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