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Why Aoshima Is Japanese For Modelling Magic

If you are looking for a fantastic modelling kit, be it a car or plane, there are plenty around, many of them familiar Western names.

However, if you are looking towards the East, there are no bigger or more established names in modelling than Aoshima, which celebrates its centenary this year.

Founded by Jiro Aoshima, it was not initially a modelling kit firm, but was set up as an aeroplane research company. It was not until 1929 that it began making kit planes. Initially, these were wooden, but in 1961, the company was incorporated as Aoshima Bunka Kyozai and began producing plastic kits.

A century on from its foundation as a company focused on aircraft, its 2024 product releases are mostly based on land or sea, although it still makes many model planes.

If it is model cars you want, there are several new ones out soon, with a Delorean DMC-12, or a green Rodex Tuned Car no. 42 among them. There are also various Yamaha and Honda motorbike models.

If you have a keen interest in historic wartime naval models, you can pick from four new releases of Japanese vessels; the destroyer Maikaze, heavy cruiser Tone, light cruiser Kitakami and the battleship Mutsu. All are made to 1/1700 scale. Also new is the US naval battleship Washington.

Other models available include civil and military aircraft and ships and a range of vehicles. For many, however, the most exciting products are the Initial D model kits it produces, including cars like the Ryosuke Takahashi Mazda, or the Takumi Fujiwara Toyota.

These models come with superb and intricate detail, from their retractable headlights through to aspects like the steering wheel and stickers to recreate the most authentic look.

Detail is a prime characteristic of Aoshima models, which is always especially notable when looking at vintage scale planes and ships. Above all, it shows this is a maker of the highest quality, with a very wide range of products to choose from.

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