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What You Need To Know About Kotobukiya Figures

Whether you’ve been building model kits for years or you’re new to the hobby, you may have heard about Kotobukiya. 

This is the Japanese manufacturer famous for creating ArtFX statues, made out of a combination of PVC and resin. 

They come in statues that are either 1/10 or 1/7 in scale, and are easily recognisable, thanks to primarily being comic book characters. 

Due to Kotobukiya’s popularity among model builders, the number of statues these days is abundant, and you can find lots of your favourite movie or TV characters available. 

For instance, you could get your hands on Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine or Darth Maul if you’re a StarWars fan. Alternatively, anyone obsessed with DC Comics could pick the Batman Last Knight On Earth statue, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), or Batman The Bronze Age. 

There are also lots of Transformers, Star Trek, Marvel and The Witcher models, with Kotobukiya catering for several different interests with their statues. 

The next statue to be released is The Will To Overtake Satono Diamond, which is scheduled to be launched in Japan next month. Other countries will follow after this, with international fans able to buy this model as soon as their local supplier of Japan anime kits has it in stock. 

As well as action or character figures, Kotobukiya also makes model kits, tools and optional parts. These include weapons, ribbons, different facial features, wigs, glasses and even umbrellas.

Lightsabers, swords, chopsticks, ties, coasters, keyrings, and plushies are also available from the manufacturer for those who really get into the brand after the first couple of purchases.  

If you want to discover the world of anime kits with Kotobukiya, you might want to act fast, as its most popular series, such as Star Trek, Harry Potter and Pokemon, sell out quickly.  

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