Monthly Newsletter Blog - 23.07.23

Monthly Newsletter Blog - 23.07.23


We hope everyone is enjoying the very mild UK summer 🌥️🤣. We’d say how time flies again but we say it in every blog post (even though we just said it again... 🤣), anyway it’s been a mostly great month here at Rivals Corner, with (finally!) getting new stock, a few new followers on our socials and just all around an exciting time to be a Gunpla fan.


Where to begin? Well first of we finished watching The Witch From Mercury season 2 and what a ride! The Gundam Calibarn is almost perfection (sorry the Lfrith still holds no.1 spot for us 🤭) but the rainbow colours really do make it dreamy. We realised that since the Calibarn is basically a blank canvas, the customisation possibilities will be immense once it hits the shelves, but more on the Calibarn in a bit. 😉

Gundam Calibarn from The Mobile Suit Gunda: The Witch From Mercury anime, season 2


Business Updates

Okay so how’s RC going? We hear you asking.

Well in terms of sales it’s been… okay. We're not making the sales we want but it's expected. Unfortunately because we are still so tiny and new, we don’t rank very well on Google SEO and have to try much harder to push our store to be seen. Some have been around for a lot longer so will naturally get top searched for keywords. We had external help from a dear friend to help push our paid media which is where most of our sales came from in the last 2 weeks.

At the moment it’s our only way to promote our lil’ business as well as organically on social media. It’s the way of business but we’re still sticking to our year 1 strategy to build up inventory variety, which will hopefully start gaining traction once we show people we have range.

We have however been getting incredible support from the community, so thank you to all the new followers, comments, likes and shares! Even Bandai UK themselves gave our store a little shout out! More on that below :)


New stock

Is… is that the new Full Mechanics Gundam Aerial that we see in stock!? AND the HG Aerial Rebuild?! Why yes it is!



We were super stoked to receive these (but also thank you to our supplier for allowing us as grab a few at last minute’s notice). We also managed to get some other Witch From Mercury kits, such as the HG Darilbalde, HG Dilanza Sol, HG Zowort normal and heavy types, plus lot’s of others! Why not check them out here ✌️ 

Fancy a challenge? We grabbed a small batch of Real Grade kits, including the RX78, 00 QANT and RG Strike Freedom. Check em’ out here.



What else is exciting?

So you may have already seen but Bandai UK have just recently opened their first retail space inside of toy super store, Hamleys in London. It was a no brainer for us to take a look for ourselves and what can we say, the window display looks so awesome! If you’re ever visiting London be sure to check it out!


There’s never been a better time to get into Gunpla (or any model kits for the matter!). With so much variety out there, we’re envious of people just discovering the hobby 🙂


Next Stock Update!

Okay, okay okay! Enough rambling. So, when will the next bit of stock come in? Well our supplier has told us end of July/ Early August! This means we won’t have to wait too long and oh boy, what a stock drop it’ll be!



We’ll finally be getting the highly sought after MGEX Strike Freedom Gundam! We won’t have a lot so be sure to hit that notify on re-stock! What an incredible looking mech and design.

We’ll also be getting another whole batch of Witch From Mercury kits including the HG Aerial, HG Lfrith (fingers crossed!), HG Gundam Schwarzette plus a bunch of others. Keep your eyes peeled! 


We’ll also need to confirm with our supplier (and this is a huge maybe) but we might be receiving the HG Gundam Calibarn too, which makes sense if we’ll also have the HG Schwarzette coming. They are the last 2 kits to be released from the G-Witch line-up (I know it’s the end of an era! 😟).

For now that’s all friends, be sure follow us on socials and spread the word of our store. Any support is immensely appreciated and a thank you to those who have supported us already.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Instagram and Facebook (oh yeah and Threads now too!) of when the next shipments arrive but in meantime, we hope you’re enjoying our antics on socials and we appreciate your continued support as always 🙂

Until next time - keep building, Rivals!


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